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Date added: 2011-04-26 Rating:
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Description : Super-cute Bailey Jay is known as a 'good cop.' The red-haired, coquettish t-girl recruit takes coltish, tattooed t-girl perp Domino Presley into custody. Bailey undresses Domino, licks the nipples of her flat chest and has the skinny suspect suck her stiff pole. Bailey swallows slender Domino's big dick to the root while pumping her own shaft, which she shoves up Domino's tight ass until Domino jacks off onto her own belly. Bailey laps up the cum. The suspect gives the pretty cop a thorough rim job and an anal toy fucking before Bailey creams Domino's face.
Date added: 2010-11-25 Rating:
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Description : Famed transsexual director Joey Silvera calls Bailey Jay, 'America's Sweetheart,' and the shapely, black pony-tailed cutie lives up to the title with precious lines like, 'People think I'm a hooker ... I get propositioned all the time. They're like, 'How much for a b.j.?' and I'm like, 'Free if you wanna blow me!'' Joey sets up her fantasy, dressing her as a teenage hooker. Naughty Bailey flirts with Joey's camera in a public park before repairing to his pad to masturbate and take a vibe up the ass. She shoots her cum on his camera lens and licks it clean!
Date added: 2010-10-14 Rating:
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