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Date added: 2013-03-07 Rating:
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Description : Bruna Butterfly and Beatricy Velmont are gorgeous, young, ultra-feminine Sao Paulo t-girls dolled up in lacy lingerie. The sexy Latinas kiss each other while wiggling their adorable, bronze butts. They peel out of their panties and reveal stiff she-cocks for some intimate fellatio. Bruna slides her lollipop-shaped toy into Beatricy's butthole, works it in and out, then inserts her rigid boner and butt-fucks her friend while Beatricy sucks the toy ass-to-mouth. Then Bruna's asshole gets reamed. Beatricy sucks out a load of cum before ejaculating in Bruna's pretty face. Finally, these foxy transsexuals perform a cute Brazilian dance.
Date added: 2012-10-13 Rating:
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Description : Pale Latina t-girl Bruna Butterfly has round boobies and an enchanting face. She practices some seductive dance moves in front of the bathroom mirror, strips off her bra and pulls her frilly panties to the side so stud Alex Victor can orally worship her thick, hard cock. Bruna kneels to wrap her lips around Alex' dick, then joins him in the bedroom for a nasty 69. He thrusts his tongue up Bruna's sweet butthole. The two lovers enjoy a mutual session of ass fucking, and after getting thoroughly sodomized, the pretty Brazilian transsexual ends up splattered with sperm.
Date added: 2012-05-06 Rating:
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Description : Adorable Brazilian t-girl Bruna Butterfly, dressed in sheer stockings and lingerie, does a sensuous striptease in front of a full-length mirror. This luscious Latina transsexual peels down her panties, releasing her fat, hard she-cock, making it wobble and sway for the camera. Bruna strokes her hard shaft as Paulo Machy helps her ream her anus with a large pink dildo; she furiously jacks off until hot cum spills onto her belly.
Date added: 2012-03-27 Rating:
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Dislike 8
Description : Cherubic, petite Bruna Butterfly and tall, slender Jessica Versace are impossibly feminine t-girl beauties who meet director Joey Silvera on the streets of Sao Paolo. These sensual Brazilian sweeties blow each other, stroking their stiff she-cocks, then team up with horny male Paulo Machy for a perverse dicksucking daisy chain three-way! Paulo milks their hard cocks like a dairy farmer, tonguing the Latina transgenders' buttholes, and sinks his big boner in Jessica's and Bruna's asses, one after the other, fucking them until they ejaculate on themselves. Finally the lucky stud shoots his own load onto Bruna's round boobs.