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Date added: 2015-02-28 Rating:
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Description : T-Girl Giselly Araujo looks hot in a bikini top, tiny shorts and heels; tan lines accentuate the longhaired brunette's shapely form. Stud Tony Lee feeds her a big sundae, and then big dick. He returns the oral favor, deep-throating Giselly's curved cock. From behind he sucks more cock, laps her ball sac and tongues her bunghole. After fingering her anus, he fucks her ass doggie-style. Giselly masturbates and moans as Tony fucks her on her back. Her ass curves look hot as she rides cock. The TS jacks off, splashing out jets of sperm. Tony stands on the bed for a BJ; Giselly strokes semen onto her face and he pumps the rest into her mouth.