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Date added: 2016-02-11 Rating:
Like 117
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Description : TS Tarynxo, a femme, dirty blonde t-girl in a tiny miniskirt and collar, caresses her breasts and the prick poking from her panties. She and buxom genetic girl Holly Heart make out by the pool, promising not to tell Tarynxo's sister, who is Holly's best friend! Inside, Holly strokes and sucks hard she-cock. She mounts the freckled trans-girl's erection for a butt bouncing ride and sucks dick, shaved pussy-to-mouth. Tarynxo nails Holly on her back and doggie-style before a climactic face fuck. The t-girl slops Holly's face and mouth with semen.
Date added: 2016-01-26 Rating:
Like 80
Dislike 4
Description : Tall, athletic blonde Sami Price, a tattooed T-girl, wants to fuck her curvaceous makeup artist, bubble-butt brunette Holly Heart. Sami reaches up Holly's short skirt, and soon the busty brunette is kneeling with Sami's big, hard she-cock in her mouth! Holly worships trans dick while licking Sami's bunghole and probing it with a wet finger and a fat dildo. The frisky slut enjoys a TS pussy pounding, followed by a mouthful of hot she-sperm!