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Date added: 2012-10-29 Rating:
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Description : Adorable, young, tattooed Nody Nadia is a baby-faced Latina t-girl with a sweet bubble butt, plump titties and a raging hard-on. This petite transsexual has a date with gorgeous, statuesque t-girl icon Vaniity. The older beauty worships Nadia's juicy boobs and goes down on the sultry creature's stiff dick. Nadia wraps her full lips around Vaniity's long shaft and gives her mentor a dedicated blow job before taking Vaniity's pole and some thick dildos inside her tender, fleshy rump. After an intimate session of nasty t-girl sodomy, Vaniity splatters her protege's face with hot she-sperm.
Date added: 2011-03-10 Rating:
Like 75
Dislike 6
Description : Sleek, Latina t-girl superstar Vaniity does a sexy dance and free-style rap on the pool deck, wearing dark panties, black heels and fishnet stockings to shows us her taut, meaty ass. She sits for an interview with director Joey Silvera, squeezing her boobs for the camera and working four fingers up her asshole. The sultry babe grips her stiff tool and wags it hypnotically, threatening to fuck us in the butt. Pumping her she-cock, Vaniity penetrates her sphincter with a curved vibrating unit, pulls it out and licks it clean. The sexy vixen jacks her shaft until it spurts right on the camera lens!
Date added: 2004-05-08 Rating:
Like 45
Dislike 1
Description : Here's an intimate, private look at Vaniity, the most alluring and celebrated t-girl in the XXX world. Pioneering t-girl movie director Joey Silvera presents gender-straddling Vaniity in all her feminine charm ... the pretty face with that seductive look; the big boobs; and that intriguing, up-front bonus bulging in her black lace panties. She carries a riding crop and stands in heels, her tempting butt curves giving way to naughty bits visible from the rear. In an epic tease and masturbation session, Vaniity fucks her asshole with a black dildo, jacks her she-dick and climaxes in her hand.