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Date added: 2016-09-28 Rating:
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Description : An adorable, young, blonde slut wearing braces, sweet Marilyn Moore has her very first transsexual experience ... and her trainer is glamorous TS seductress Venus Lux! Marilyn eagerly swallows the lingerie-clad T-girl's stiff cock to the root; Venus delivers a fierce pussy pounding as kinky Marilyn buzzes her clit with a vibe. The sultry transgender anally mounts Marilyn's strap-on dildo. Marilyn rims Venus' asshole. As the blonde masturbates with her vibrator, Venus fucks her mouth -- and splatters Marilyn's face with t-girl sperm.
Date added: 2016-08-16 Rating:
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Description : Hot Asian Venus Lux dominates sexy redhead Kendra Sinclaire in a TS-on-TS tryst. Kendra's huge erection and big balls poke from her leather skirt; Venus' boner points from purple lingerie. Venus calls the date 'trans-lesbianism,' and both girls are dirty talkers. Venus grips Kendra by the hair for a face fuck, and they stroke dick-on-prick. Venus sensually rims Kendra's smooth butt and deeply pounds it, making Kendra squeal. Kendra sucks cock ass-to-mouth; she chokes as Venus sodomizes her with a gigantic dildo. With Venus' prick up Kendra's ass, Kendra spurts spunk. Venus straddles her face and masks it with streams of sperm.
Date added: 2015-02-26 Rating:
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Description : Pretty, ultra-femme Asian TS Venus Lux wears sporty lingerie and stockings. Brunette genetic girl Savannah Fox's tight, athletic figure features tattoos and piercings; she dons a ball gag and Venus rubs her stiff prick on Savannah's natural tits. Savannah strokes and deep-throats Venus, who tugs on Savannah's shaved labia. There's sensual girl kissing and spit-flowing fellatio. Savannah launches her ass for a doggie-style fuck. Venus cranks Savannah's leg up to her head for skin-slapping fornication; Savannah whimpers, masturbates ... and squirts girl cum! Venus chokes Savannah as she nails her. Savannah sucks dick pussy-to-mouth, laps balls and tongues bunghole. And Venus strokes thick jism into Savannah's mouth.
Date added: 2014-06-09 Rating:
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Description : Venus Lux, a hot Asian TS, hooks up with genetic girl Dee Williams, a tattooed blonde. Both wear lingerie, fishnets and heels. As Venus shoots photos and flirts, her she-prick expands in her panties. Venus spanks Dee's meaty ass with a riding crop and smacks the big boobs swaying from her zip-up corset. Dee sucks cock and Venus sits on her face for a rim job and a slobbery face fuck. Venus bones Dee on her back, choking her throat. During a stern doggie-style pounding, Venus 'fish hooks' Dee's mouth. Finally Venus grips Dee by the hair and jacks jism onto her face and tongue; Dee licks up the mess.
Date added: 2014-02-01 Rating:
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Description : Dolled up in stretchy fishnet that can't conceal her huge, firm tits, exotic Filipina TS temptress Eva Lin squeezes her globes and releases from skimpy panties her she-cock with its meaty foreskin. Sultry Asian t-girl Venus Lux wraps her lips around Eva's stiff dick to slurp her girlfriend's shaft. Eva sucks Venus's throbbing boner in a wet, slobbery blow job. Next, Venus reams Eva's big ass with thick anal toys, making her sphincter gape. She butt-fucks the buxom transgender in a sensuous session of backdoor fun that climaxes with a hot, gooey load of cum in Eva's mouth.
Date added: 2013-12-01 Rating:
Like 112
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Description : In her tight-fitting police uniform, Venus Lux enters the home of director Joey Silvera amped-up and ready for anything. Finding nothing amiss, the luscious Asian t-girl cop un-holsters her dick, then unleashes her real secret weapon: the massive bulge inside her skimpy panties. Venus talks dirty to the director, making him kneel as she strokes her big, veiny she-cock for the camera. Then this stocking-clad TS beauty pushes a huge rubber dick deep into her sensitive asshole, pumps it in and out of her rectum, licks it ass-to-mouth... and finally jerks her uncut shaft to a gooey climax.
Date added: 2013-11-08 Rating:
Like 119
Dislike 6
Description : Wearing flashy lingerie and sheer stockings, crazy Asian TS temptress Venus Lux dances for the camera. This tanned, sassy transgender wants to be our next t-girl idol! She makes all-natural biological female teen Mattie Borders bend over and spanks Mattie's plump, fleshy buns until her ass is rosy red. Venus tugs on her new plaything's sensitive nipples and makes Mattie suck on her rigid she-dick. Mattie obediently masturbates with a vibrator, eats Venus' asshole and rides the exotic domme's lady-cock to ecstasy. Finally, Venus showers her teen slave's sweet tits with hot cum ... licks up the gooey mess.
Date added: 2013-08-29 Rating:
Like 186
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Description : Jacqueline Woods is a pale, tall, slender, leggy t-girl therapist. Venus Lux, a sultry and glamorous Asian TS, wants to make her C-cup boobs bigger. Jacqueline assesses her client's breasts by squeezing them, and Venus sucks on the counselor's sensitive nipples before wrapping her lips around Jacqueline's throbbing she-meat. After some mutual cocksucking, the gorgeous transgenders take turns reaming each other's tight asshole with stiff dicks and fat dildos. Each of these insatiable chicks-with-dicks blows a creamy load of hot cum.
Date added: 2013-01-13 Rating:
Like 139
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Description : Tall, glamorous, seductive Asian transgender Venus Lux has sweet genetic girl Katie St. Ives at the end of a dog leash, nervous but prepared for her first-ever session of intense t-girl domination. Venus lifts Katie's dress to inspect her soft ass, exposes the dark-haired beauty's perfect, all-natural boobs and licks her sensitive nipples. Katie orally worships the sultry transsexual's big, hard cock, then takes a royal fucking while using a vibrator on her clit until she climaxes. Finally she kneels, submissively rimming Venus's butthole; the exotic t-girl shows her appreciation by splattering Katie with a thick cum facial.
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