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Date added: 2017-10-30 Length: 00:34:38 Rating:
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Description : Sassy blonde transsexual Nanda Molinari reveals her thick she-cock during the taxicab ride to her hotel. There, the glamorous Brazilian T-girl teases us with her round boobs, pale, plump ass and large boner. Horny Latin stud Alex Victor shoves his huge prick down Nanda's throat; he eagerly licks her big rack, wetly sucks her raging hard-on, and worships her winking anus. The adventurous lovers take turns passionately fucking each other's ass. They mutually masturbate to creamy climaxes.
Date added: 2016-09-05 Length: 00:12:36 Rating:
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Description : Dolled up in stockings and sexy lingerie, sassy, light-skinned black t-girl bombshell Amanda Coxxs flaunts her outrageously round, phat ass for the camera. The glamorous TS temptress sits back and strokes her juicy, throbbing she-dick with long, bedazzled fingernails, talking dirty as she wanks her stiff member. Describing the feelings as she relentlessly tugs on her engorged shaft, Amanda finally climaxes, and her hot, creamy jizz erupts from the shiny cock head, spilling onto her hand.
Date added: 2016-09-01 Length: 00:32:03 Rating:
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Description : Pale, Goth pin-up slut Draven Star teases us with her juicy ass and collection of outrageous, artistic tats. She joins statuesque, slender T-girl Casey Kisses on the bed for some passionate lovemaking. Draven worships Casey's rigid she-cock with her warm mouth and bare feet and rims sultry TS butthole. Using a strap-on dildo, Draven fucks Casey's ass. Finally, Casey milks her boner, masturbating with an anal toy... and Draven eagerly laps up every drop of she-cum.
Date added: 2014-09-10 Length: 00:14:23 Rating:
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Description : Blue-eyed, dirty blonde Rakel Rodrigues is a beautifully femme t-girl. In fishnets and hoop earrings she shows off tan-lined tits, tattoos, pierced navel and cute butt, with her scrotum and puckered asshole peeking from her thong. Rakel unveils an uncut cock that thickens and stands in her grip. She jacks off, balls bouncing in her smooth-shaved sac, and fingers her anus. Rakel's prick grows huge as she masturbates, till syrupy white jism oozes from her fleshy foreskin.
Date added: 2014-09-09 Length: 00:26:25 Rating:
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Description : Flirty, femme TS Bianca Hills' panties bulge with meaty flesh. She massages her tan-lined tits and masturbates her uncut dick to thick hardness. Bianca mouths and mashes the suckable nipples of tattooed genetic female Luana Azevedo. The girls caress, Luana stroking Bianca's fat meat. Luana blows Bianca, deeply rims her bunghole and fucks it with a vibrator; both girls taste Bianca's anal flavor on the toy. Luana rides t-girl cock, fingering her own asshole. Bianca butt-fucks her. As Luana screws Bianca's ass with a vibe and sucks tit, Bianca jacks a stream of semen onto her tanned tummy. And the girls share a breathless kiss.
Date added: 2014-09-05 Length: 00:33:38 Rating:
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Description : Two adorable, blonde t-girls with bubble butts dance in matching cat's ears, leopard print bras and fishnets -- hot Sheylla Wandergirlt wears a thong; tall Kessy Bittencour wears a sideways cap. The girls peel their panties to reveal shaved sacs and uncut dicks. Sheylla deep-throats Kessy's erection; Kessy's pierced tongue tickles Sheylla's achingly stiff little prick. Masculine Alex Victor butt-fucks Sheylla and Kessy sucks her dick ass-to-mouth. Sheylla's into taking Kessy's prick in the sphincter, and her cheeks flex as she rides Alex's meat. She fucks herself with a vibrator as Alex porks Kessy. Sheylla ejaculates clear cum and swallows the spunky jism Kessy and Alex dump on her face/up her nostrils.
Date added: 2014-09-04 Length: 00:32:50 Rating:
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Description : Dark-eyed brunette TS Lina Cavalli wears a pearl necklace, tight jeans and spike heels; stripped down to pink lingerie and fishnets, she massages her lacy bulge, shaved sac and uncut prick with French manicured fingers. Bald stud Christian deep-throats Lina's dick and she fucks his mouth in a 69. As Lina masturbates, Christian tongues her shaved-smooth bunghole. He fucks her up the butt; Lina rides cock and sucks it ass-to-mouth. The t-girl rims Christian's rectum and jacks semen from her uncut penis. After Christian creams Lina's tongue, they share a spermy mouth kiss.
Date added: 2014-09-03 Length: 00:16:31 Rating:
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Description : Glamorous blonde t-girl Ximena auditions for director Joey Silvera in heels, fishnets and lingerie that can't conceal the fun bulge blooming beneath her buttocks. Her seductive swaying displays a round ass and big, oiled boobs to go with her long eyelashes and red, thickly pumped lips. Ximena strokes her stiff, uncut erection and talks dirty about bossy fucking. Once her boner shoots pearly jism onto her tight tummy, she says she fantasized about getting fucked by two guys and displays her curvy cheeks, smooth-shaved asshole, ball sac and dick from behind.
Date added: 2014-08-11 Length: 00:43:23 Rating:
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Description : Black-haired, pale-skinned Brazilian streetwalker Britney Bitch is cute in cut-offs, with tattoos and a pierced belly. 'Sheriff' Julie Berdu -- a pretty, tattooed TS with braces -- cuffs and 'strip-searches' Britney, then brings her 'downtown.' At Julie's place she makes up Britney like a doll with lip gloss and a tiara. Julie's massive, tan-lined melons lactate! The sheriff grips Britney's ponytail for a face fuck. Stud Alex Victor makes it a threesome. Britney blows and rims Julie's hard dick as Julie blows Alex. Alex takes a deep-throat face fuck from Julie, who fucks Britney's pussy and asshole. Alex also nails Britney's ass, and takes Julie's too. As Julie plows Britney's bunghole, Britney blows Alex. Julie and Alex cum onto Britney's pierced tongue.
Date added: 2014-08-10 Length: 00:37:19 Rating:
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Description : Tanned, frosted blonde Karol Kovalic is an ultra-feminine t-girl whose black lingerie can't conceal her bulge or the scrotum flesh peeking from behind. Alex Victor kisses her, caresses her tan-lined boobs and pulls her uncut prick out with his mouth. She shoves his head down for a wet blow job, her prick growing huge. Karol sucks Alex's smaller dick and stabs her tongue up his shaved asshole for a serious rim job. She hammer-fucks his ass doggie-style and Alex sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Karol strokes her meat as Alex pounds her ass. He blows her from behind and sits on her face. She plasters his face and head with a huge load and jacks his jism onto her face. They smile for the camera, coated in cum.
Date added: 2014-08-09 Length: 00:34:05 Rating:
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Description : Blonde, blue-eyed and bitchy, TS Franchezka sports a leather skirt and bra, lacy stockings and heels as she bosses bespectacled, genetic girl Nickey Huntsman. Adventurous, young Nickey's excited to blow Franchezka's thick, uncut prick and suck her titties. Franchezka sucks Nickey's titties too, then cranks her back with her legs up by her head and fucks her shaved pussy. The girls kiss, and Nickey adds a vibrator to their fucking. Nickey gets to suck she-dick pussy-to-mouth. As Franchezka plows doggie-style, Nickey bites her own hand in ecstasy. Nickey's curved butt bounces as she fucks. Franchezka shoots thick, heavy cream all over Nickey's white face.
Date added: 2014-08-08 Length: 00:36:53 Rating:
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Description : Lithe, lush-lipped, feminine black t-girl Kourtney Dash is gorgeous in a tight dress, fishnets and high heels. The TS top from Houston shares caresses with muscular Robert Axel, her hard-on expanding in her panties. He sucks her tits and strokes her cock, which grows HUGE as he blows her. Kourtney wetly sucks his smaller prick. Her big, flexing butt, massive ball sac and gigantic, towering prick fill the screen as she fucks Robert's lubed ass. She nails him on his back, stroking his dick, sucking his nipples, kissing his mouth. Intensely she strokes both cocks side-by-side, till Robert's explodes a mess of jism. Kourtney keeps jacking, finally shooting syrupy spunk all over his dick.
Date added: 2014-08-07 Length: 00:40:58 Rating:
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Description : Naughty brunette t-girl Kelly Klaymour shows director Joey Silvera her feminine charms (and tits) outdoors, feeling vulnerable. Inside, her thick, towering erection fucks a sleeve masturbator as she rubs her nipples. Enter Rain DeGrey, a buxom, wildly tattooed genetic female in heels and flashy lingerie. Rain tweaks Kelly's nipples, manipulates her face and treats that hard dick to lots of sucking and stroking. And Kelly tugs Rain's head up her smooth-shaved ass for a deep, committed rim job. Rain fucks Kelly with fingers and a purple vibe that Kelly tastes ass-to-mouth. Rain rides Kelly's cock till the t-girl cums on Rain's tongue, but the girls keep on titty fucking, kissing, screwing, pussy eating ... and laughing.
Date added: 2014-06-11 Length: 00:34:51 Rating:
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Description : Buxom blonde Mikki Lynn wants to be owned by a master, but no man or woman has been up to the task. Dominant, stacked TS Jessy Dubai rises to the challenge. She eats, fingers and face-fucks Mikki with breath control, pinching the slut's nose closed. After a sloppy blow job, Mikki deeply tongues the trans's bunghole, and there's a spit-slick titty fuck. Jessy fucks Mikki, pounding her into the couch, and after pussy-to-mouth cocksucking, filthy-mouthed Jessy slams Mikki's asshole doggie-style. While porking her ass, Jessy manhandles Mikki's clit. Mikki masturbates, squirts and sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Finally, Jessy jacks her jism onto Mikki's tongue, and Mikki licks up the excess.
Date added: 2014-06-08 Length: 00:41:14 Rating:
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Description : Kelly Klaymour is a pretty brunette TS with dark eyes and arty make-up. She flashes her nipple hard-ons outdoors and director Joey Silvera drives her through Hollywood to his place. She unleashes her tan, thick prick and strokes the turtleneck foreskin. Longhaired, girly blonde Tinslee Reagan French kisses Kelly, gives her a spit-slick blow job and fingers the t-girl's butthole. Tanned, dirty-talking Tinslee tongues Kelly's anus and Kelly stuffs her thick prick into Tinslee's twat. The girls apply vibrators to Tinslee's girl holes. With a toy up her ass, Kelly's cock gets sucked sloppy. Kelly jerks a syrupy load of semen onto Tinslee's face and into her mouth.
Date added: 2014-05-05 Length: 00:16:54 Rating:
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Description : Eve is a gorgeous, ultra-feminine Thai transgender with silky black hair. She seductively applies her make-up and lipstick, then teases director Joey Silvera's camera with her titties and the thick prick her panties can't contain. Eve lies back to massage her breasts and stroke her uncut dick. She nudes up and fucks her greased asshole with a pink vibrator. Eve jacks a load of girl-jism onto her tummy and keeps tweaking her nipple in ecstasy, finally breaking into a big, satisfied smile.
Date added: 2014-01-03 Length: 00:46:27 Rating:
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Description : Statuesque blonde Kessy Bittencour and thick, curvaceous brunette Danielly Colucci are lovely Brazilian t-girls wearing skin-tight party dresses, high heels and fishnet stockings. The sexy babes take turns sucking each other's firm tits and wiggling their fat, uncut she-cocks. They're joined by stud Alex Victor for an intense, gender-bending anal threesome. The luscious transgenders slurp on each other's throbbing dick, blow Alex's stiff prick and take turns getting butt-fucked. Danielly takes the handsome boy's cock up her ass while jacking off and orally servicing Kessy. The dark-haired TS ends up decorated with three spunky loads.
Date added: 2013-12-09 Length: 00:25:49 Rating:
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Description : Gorgeous but awkward Asian transgender Yuri Myeon meets director Joey Silvera in a public park. He gets the sexy t-girl to lift her skirt and expose the fat bulge in her sheer panties, then brings her back to his studio, where Yuri removes her bra, revealing her tiny tits, and peels her underwear off to release her throbbing she-dick. The sultry, exotic TS temptress lies back to stroke her girl-boner and sucks on a huge, pink toy before pushing it inside her tender asshole. Yuri slurps the dildo ass-to-mouth and reams her rectum while jacking her shaft to a creamy climax.
Date added: 2013-12-08 Length: 00:22:29 Rating:
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Description : With her glamorous lingerie, spiked fetish pumps and jeweled headband, tanned, busty blonde t-girl Aubrey Kate looks like she stepped out of a 1980s workout video. This luscious, tattooed transgender wraps one hand around her throbbing she-dick, wanking it for the camera; she stands up to show off her athletic figure and bends over to expose her oiled up ass cheeks. Finally, Aubrey reclines on the bed, rhythmically stroking her hard girl-boner until it erupts hot cum.
Date added: 2013-12-05 Length: 00:13:30 Rating:
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Description : Gorgeous, ebony t-girl Kourtney Dash is a totally foxy mocha beauty hailing from Houston, Texas. The glamorous TS temptress peels out of her skin-tight dress, exposes her tiny, brown tits and massages the pert, puffy nipples. Kourtney unleashes her enormous, meaty she-cock and balls from their prison of little cotton panties. Kourtney lies back and strokes her fat black member with manicured fingers, moaning in pleasure as she rhythmically wanks her giant girl-boner. Finally, this sensuous creature's dick head erupts in a load of hot, gooey jism.
Date added: 2013-12-01 Length: 00:21:03 Rating:
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Description : In her tight-fitting police uniform, Venus Lux enters the home of director Joey Silvera amped-up and ready for anything. Finding nothing amiss, the luscious Asian t-girl cop un-holsters her dick, then unleashes her real secret weapon: the massive bulge inside her skimpy panties. Venus talks dirty to the director, making him kneel as she strokes her big, veiny she-cock for the camera. Then this stocking-clad TS beauty pushes a huge rubber dick deep into her sensitive asshole, pumps it in and out of her rectum, licks it ass-to-mouth... and finally jerks her uncut shaft to a gooey climax.
Date added: 2013-11-08 Length: 00:38:17 Rating:
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Description : Wearing flashy lingerie and sheer stockings, crazy Asian TS temptress Venus Lux dances for the camera. This tanned, sassy transgender wants to be our next t-girl idol! She makes all-natural biological female teen Mattie Borders bend over and spanks Mattie's plump, fleshy buns until her ass is rosy red. Venus tugs on her new plaything's sensitive nipples and makes Mattie suck on her rigid she-dick. Mattie obediently masturbates with a vibrator, eats Venus' asshole and rides the exotic domme's lady-cock to ecstasy. Finally, Venus showers her teen slave's sweet tits with hot cum ... licks up the gooey mess.
Date added: 2013-10-11 Length: 00:13:26 Rating:
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Description : Petite, curvaceous Nody Nadia loves male attention, and the tattooed t-girl doll especially loves stripping out of her tight top and skimpy shorts to reveal her huge, round titties and uncut cock. This light-skinned black TS is a gorgeous bundle of sexuality. She massages her tender butthole and strokes her rigid shaft and dangling ball bag while talking dirty and fucking her ass with a pink dildo. When Nadia brings herself to climax, the buxom, young trans's throbbing dick spurts a hot load of creamy cum; she licks her manicured fingers clean.
Date added: 2013-10-10 Length: 00:38:24 Rating:
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Description : Chanel Couture, a sultry, stylish black t-girl, hates it when Christian, her muscular, white boyfriend, forgets to buy the groceries. Christian does his best to placate the fiery TS beauty, kissing her while peeling off her clothes to reveal her perky boobs and huge, throbbing member. He kneels to worship Chanel's massive she-meat, bobbing his mouth on her throbbing black cock. Submissively he licks the luscious transgender's sensitive asshole. Chanel sucks her white boy's big dick, and soon she's ramming her shaft up his tender rectum! When he's learned his lesson, Chanel opens wide for a messy oral cum shot.
Date added: 2013-06-24 Length: 00:31:28 Rating:
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Description : Glamorous, slender Danika Dreamz is a sultry TS beauty with huge, round knockers and an enormous she-cock. This sensuous t-girl is ready for an interracial anal fucking from her black boy-toy, Rico Steele. Danika sucks on the lucky stud's big black dick, then leans back as Rico worships her throbbing meat with his mouth. Next, she sits on his face while jacking his boner. In no time, Rico is passionately plowing the sexy she-creature's tight ass. The tryst climaxes with mutual masturbation; Danika spurts cum onto her own sheer stocking, then slurps Rico's splooge as he blows his load.
Date added: 2013-06-21 Length: 00:59:10 Rating:
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Description : Jacqueline Woods is a tall, glamorous, feminine t-girl; she's also a therapist whose latest client is perky biological girl Zoey Monroe. The doctor takes the idea of "treatment" to a whole new level! She starts by letting the blonde cutie suck her long she-cock. Soon Jacqueline's licking Zoey's juicy cunt and fucking her blonde patient in every hole, including her tender anus. Zoey lewdly rims her therapist's bunghole, then straps on a dildo to ream Jacqueline's tight ass in a perverse role reversal. Thoroughly butt-fucked, the sensuous t-girl ejaculates into Zoey's mouth; they swap the hot she-cum in a kiss.
Date added: 2013-05-28 Length: 00:48:16 Rating:
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Description : Slender Jacqueline Woods, M.D., is a well-hung she-creature about to prescribe an unconventional therapy for plush, exotic biological female Angelina Mylee. Angelina's having boy problems, and it seems that a pretty lady with a big fat cock is literally what the doctor ordered. Angelina wraps her ruby lips around Dr. Woods' stiff member and rides the pale transsexual's hard prick in a gender-bending session of t-girl counseling. She vibrates her pussy to a trembling climax, probes Jacqueline's rectum with a dildo and sucks it ass-to-mouth. Bringing the appointment to a climax, the doctor sprays Angelina's natural boobs with jism.
Date added: 2013-05-26 Length: 00:38:51 Rating:
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Description : Sultry transsexual Eva Cassini, dolled up like a kitty cat, rubs her firm, oiled boobies while fellow fishnet-clad, glamorous she-creature Jamie French teases the camera. These horny babes orally worship each other's stiff boner, play with their sensitive nipples and rub their throbbing shafts against each other. Then Jamie and Eva take turns butt fucking each other in a gender-bending session of anal lust and ass-to-mouth cocksucking. After both sexy t-girls have been thoroughly sodomized, Eva laps up Jamie's cream and spurts her own load into the lanky transgender's open mouth.
Date added: 2013-04-12 Length: 00:11:46 Rating:
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Description : Acadia Veneer is a pale, statuesque, super-busty t-girl. Clad in sheer stockings, she strokes her stiff, greasy cock with her enormous tits spilling from the top of a sexy black dress. This big, Amazonian TS tweaks her sensitive nipples, then bends over to take a giant dildo in her tender asshole while milking her hard she-dick. Acadia wanks her member until clear drops of cum emerge from the glistening head... and she licks her fingers clean.
Date added: 2013-04-09 Length: 00:29:57 Rating:
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Description : Pale blonde Sarina Valentina is a plushly proportioned, stunningly gorgeous t-girl dressed in sexy black lace and sporting a huge set of gravity-defying boobies. She spends some quality time with busty biological female Katie Summers. Katie wraps her lips around her new friend's stiff she-cock in a sensuous, wet blow job. Straddling the lovely transsexual's lap, Katie's big, meaty ass rocks up and down as she rides Sarina's hard prick. Next she drills Sarina's asshole with a strap-on dildo. Both enjoy a session of mutual masturbation -- Katie getting off with a vibrator, Sarina jacking off onto her own belly.
Date added: 2013-03-12 Length: 00:55:51 Rating:
Like 132
Dislike 7
Description : Kinky blonde t-girl Juliette Stray and mega-breasted biological girl Rain DeGrey have a hot date that aims to cross all gender lines! Rain kneels between the sultry transsexual's stocking-clad thighs and swallows Juliette's hard cock; Rain straddles Juliette's throbbing she-dick until it spews a load of gooey splooge. Rain dominates the skinny transgender, choking her and feeding Juliette her own cum while roughly wanking her sensitive boner and abusing Juliette's mouth and asshole with a big strap-on dildo. Finally, the submissive she-creature sucks Rain's bare toes as Rain masturbates to climax with a vibrating wand.
Date added: 2013-03-11 Length: 00:41:50 Rating:
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Description : Director Joey Silvera and kinky, tattooed Tori Lux are driving along when they decide to pick up exotic, statuesque t-girl Annalise Rose for some gender-bending fun. At Joey's house, the girls explore each other's body while Joey films the steamy action. Tori worships the sultry transsexual's stiff she-cock with her tongue, then spreads her thighs so Annalise can lick Tori's fragrant cunt. Soon Tori is riding the gorgeous creature's stiff boner. After a sensuous fucking, she drills Annalise's anus using a big dildo. The horny TS bitch helps Tori climax with toys. Finally Annalise spurts her jizz onto Tori's face.
Date added: 2013-03-10 Length: 00:38:37 Rating:
Like 127
Dislike 7
Description : Skinny blonde Nicole Bastiani is a pale, tattooed, young Latina t-girl with big, puffy nipples. The sultry, stocking-clad TS beauty takes a hot shower, soaping up her bulging package through the wet fabric of her skimpy panties. After toweling off, Nicole gets her throbbing she-cock sucked by muscular male admirer Alex Victor, who submissively worships the slender Brazilian trans's pulsing pole while thrusting several fingers up her asshole. After Nicole returns the oral favor, the kinky lovers take turns butt-fucking each other until Nicole ejaculates onto her tummy ... and Alex shoots his gooey sperm in the pretty t-girl's mouth.
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