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Date added: 2015-07-28 Length: 00:06:14 Rating:
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Description : Glamorous, bikini-clad Latin TS goddess Thalia Brasil teasingly feeds herself a fruit salad before wrapping her fingers around her stiff, throbbing she-cock. Sensuously she strokes the hard, uncut shaft, up and down. The statuesque T-girl removes her top, revealing the tan lines on her firm, round boobs. Thalia continues wanking her oiled-up boner with increasing speed. Furiously she jacks her raging dick -- until she climaxes, and pearls of hot she-cum ooze from her glistening foreskin.
Date added: 2015-06-10 Length: 00:12:04 Rating:
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Description : Asian TS beauty Fanta's thick, erect prick protrudes rudely from her lacy panties. She poses for director Joey Silvera, massaging her titties and shaking her ass. Stripped to black lace stockings, garter belt and heels, Fanta jacks her big, curved, shaved erection. As she masturbates, she tells Joey she likes sucking and being sucked. The glamorous transgender lies back on the couch, pumping her thick hard-on. Suddenly, pearly jism slops her garter belt and belly, and gasping Fanta tastes the spunk. An instant replay shows the climactic mess, and our exotic, heavily hung beauty bounces her boner, no hands! Fanta is fantastic.
Date added: 2015-05-06 Length: 00:14:13 Rating:
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Description : Hot Thai TS Michelle poses in a flashy bikini, fishnets and heels, showing off dramatic eye make-up, tanned skin and a bejeweled navel. Her cleavage looks deep and soft. The feminine transgender squeezes her titties, caresses her bulge and unleashes an uncut, brown penis. Michelle masturbates with manicured fingers. She spreads, waving her dick as she fingers her shapely, greased ass. Silently Michelle strokes her curved peter and squeezes her balls, till thick, pearly jism erupts from her shiny prick head and rolls onto her scrotum. Michelle tells us she likes getting fucked by boys with good hearts!
Date added: 2015-04-01 Length: 00:14:33 Rating:
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Description : With platinum blonde hair down to her round, tan-lined ass, Camyli Victoria is one femme Brazilian TS. In heels and a sexy one-piece that rides up her crotch for a wedgie, she shows off that brick shithouse of a rump and strips down to an uncut erection and shaved balls. Camyli masturbates and presses spit into the hole of her hard prick. She flexes her thickly muscular glutes and spreads her hole. Then horny Camyli applies a vibrator to her tan-lined tits and dick. She fucks her asshole with that vibrator and cums all over her flat, pierced tummy. With that, Camyli squeezes out more cum.
Date added: 2010-04-01 Length: 00:01:30 Rating:
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